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Hiking in Bindal

Like all the other hike choices that exist in this area, it’s maybe a hike in the mountains the vast majority choose. Here we  recommend the proposal from Thoralf Dahl, a mountain addict:

Gold in Bindal

Besides Finnmark, Bindal is one of the safest places in Europe to find viable gold deposits. If you look on your own, the possibilities are probably uncertain, but they are always present. What we can promise you for sure, is that hiking is worth gold.

1. Meet gorgeous Austra and fall in love.

Austra island is located at the intersection of Outer Namdal and Helgeland, and we’re talking about a love that quickly ends up in a lasting relationship. This island has everything to satisfy all those hungry-for-nature. There are well-marked trails and not to mention wildlife in abundance for the adventurous.

2. Try something groundbreaking.

A trip to Tyskenghatten is literally boundless. If you choose the marked trail which begins at Southern Gutvik lake, you will cross the border between the Leka – and the Bindal municipality. Light woodland – ancient landscapes and plenty of mountain feeling is what we promise you on the trip.

3. Robbery, murder and deviltry.

What has a bestial ax murder of four men on a cold day in February  in 1692 with our recommended suggestions to Vattafjellet to do? Actually nothing, except that on this trip you can spot the small island Melstein west out to sea, where the murder took place. The tour to Vattafjellet starts at Kjellsand in northern Austra. The trail is well marked and runs mostly on rock. From the top you have in the north view of the Vega and Torghatten, and in the south of Leka. By midsummer, you will also experience the midnight sun here.

See map.

4. 15 men on the dead man’s chest. Hey there and a bottle of rum.

A dramatic shipwreck off the North Gutvik on Austra is the backdrop for the suggested route with the descriptive name Kapermarsjen. The shipwreck of the French corsair suffered shipwreck the night of 17 February 1798. The corsair had been doing hijacking of ships of more or less friendly nations, or in other words, a sort of “legalized” piracy. The route is the first part of the journey home to the French crew, going from South to North Gutvik. The 23 km long trip goes partly on gravel roads, within easy walking and incredibly beautiful, open coastline with flat rocks and white sand beaches. On the ride you will pass the accident site. Remember camera.

5. Here you have the family trip

Welcome to a tour that suits the whole family, kids and grown ups. The well marked trail walk you in the heather and hilly terrain up to the Holmshatten with panoramic views of and beyond the Bindal area. This tour offers an easily accessible nature experience all ages will appreciate.

See map.

6. Want a really good experience?

Now we are talking about a journey for both body and soul. The hike to the top of Heilhornet is one of Norway’s most renowned. 1062 meters straight up from the sea level offers challenges and impressions you will never forget. The view from the summit is to compare with sitting in the cockpit on a flight that goes in for landing in Brønnøysund, or if you turn your head a little, in for a landing in Rørvik or Namsos. Or if the truth be told: You do not want to land, just continue to hover in the happiness of being at the top.

See map and description.


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